The World Through The Eyes Of A Signature Developer presented at HITBSecConf Malaysia 2006

by Jonathan Limbo,

Tags: Security Access

Summary : Presentation Title:Presentaiton Details:As part of the Signature Development Team with Cisco Systems, he will be presenting a ground zero perspective through the eyes of a signature developer on exploit trends, attack vectors and evolving obfuscation techniques. Challenges of network detection and the next step in mitigating these evolving threats.About Jonathan LimboJonathan is a Security Researcher in the IPS Signature team for the Asia Pacific region. He currently focuses on vulnerabilities, exploits, attack vectors and evolving obfuscation techniques. Previous roles include working for the Asia Pacific Security team in Technical Support specializing in Denial of Service attack mitigation, and various technical support and network administrator roles. Jonathan has extensive experience in security including access control, perimeter defense, security tools, encryption, and self-defending network strategies. Jonathan has a CCIE in Security (#10508), certified as a CISSP and certified in ethical hacking (CEH).