Firefox Security presented at HITBSecConf Malaysia 2006

by Window Snyder,

Tags: Security Web Analysis

Summary : Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Window Snyder will be presenting a look at the new security features in the next release of Mozilla’s Firefox web browser. In addition, Ms. Snyder will also be bringing down thelatest release candidatefor distribution to the conference attendees!About Window Snyder:Window Snyder is Chief Security Something-or-Other at Mozilla Corporation.Prior to joining Mozilla, Ms. Snyder was a principal, founder, and core team member at Matasano, a security services and product company based in New York City and a senior security strategist at Microsoft in the Security Engineering and Communications organization. At Microsoft she managed the relationships between security consulting companies and the Microsoft product teams and the outreach strategy for security vendors and security researchers. Previously she was responsible for security sign-off for Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2003.Ms. Snyder was Director of Security Architecture at @stake. She developed application security analysis methodologies and led the Application Security Center of Excellence. She was a software engineer for 5 years focused primarily on security applications, most recently at Axent Technologies, now Symantec.Ms. Snyder is co-author of Threat Modeling, a manual for security architecture analysis in software.