The Biggest Brother presented at HITBSecConf Malaysia 2006

by Roberto Preatoni,

Tags: Security Community Media Cyberwar

Summary : Presentation Title:Presentation Details:Roberto Preatoni withFabio Ghioniwill present an overview about the ongoings in matters of digital and non-digital freedom. This paper will deal with how PSYOPs (Psychological Operations) are nowadays fully backed up by technological means, how western governments are abusing it and how western democracies are suffering from it. From the dream of a technology meant to ease lives and the nightmare of technologies used to enchain the users: from RFID-ed passports to laser printer tracebacks.The question remains: Can the hacker movement raise a stand and fight against this? Is the hacker community credible and reliable as it is pictured by the current media coverage?About RobertoRoberto Preatoni (aka Sys64738): 37, is the founder of the defacement/cybercrime archive Zone-H ( Hexe2u20acu2122s also CEO of an International ITsec company (Domina Security) which is active in European and former soviet countries. He has been globetrotting, lecturing in several ITsec security conferences, including Defcon in the US. He has been interviewed by several print and online newspapers where he shares his experiences relating to cyberwar and cybercrimes.** Presenting withFabio Ghioni