Decompilers And Beyond presented at HITBSecConf Malaysia 2008

by Ilfak Guilfanov,

Tags: Security Analysis

Summary : Presentation Title:Presentation Abstract:Disassemblers are routinely used for reverse engineering but their inherent limitations make them ineffective for modern large applications. In order to cope with the volume and complexity, we have to switch to the next level of binary code analysis: decompilation. In this presentation we will discuss the process of decompiler construction, the encountered problems and solutions. Our slides will show the decompilation process step by step. Decompilers open the way to new tools and analysis methods - we will also briefly have a discussion on them.About IlfakMr. Guilfanov, the founder and CEO of Hex-Rays SA, holds BSc in Mathematics from Moscow State University. He is the senior architect of several highly regarded software packages including the widely used IDA Pro, a multi-platform, multi-processor, disassembler and debugger. Mr. Guilfanov is also known for having released, on 31 Dec 2005, a highly publicized unofficial fix for the Windows Metafile (WMF) vulnerability in Microsoft Windows operating system.