Clobbering The Cloud presented at HITBSecConf Malaysia 2009

by Haroon Meer (SensePost),

Tags: Security Cloud

Summary : Clobbering the CloudPresentation AbstractCloud Computing dominates the headlines these days but like most paradigm changes this introduces new risks and new opportunities for us to consider. Some deep technical research has gone into the underlying technologies (like Virtualization) but to some extent this serves only to muddy the waters when considering the overall threat landscape. During this talk SensePost will attempt to separate fact from fiction while walking through several real-world attacks on “the cloud”.The talk will focus both on attacks against the cloud and on using these platforms as attack tools for general Internet mayhem. For purposes of demonstration we will focus most of our demos and attacks against the big players, like Amazons EC2, and friends.About Haroon MeerHaroon Meer is the Technical Director of SensePost. He joined SensePost in 2001 and has not slept since his early childhood. He has co-authored several technical books on Information Security and has spoken and trained at conferences around the world. He has played in most aspects of IT Security from development to deployment and currently gets his kicks from reverse engineering, application assessments and similar forms of pain.