Disruptive Innovation And The Future Of Security presented at SOURCE Boston 2008

by Chris Hoff,

Tags: Security Business

Summary : IT departments have spent the last 10+ years enabling users by delivering revolutionary technology and delegating ownership and control of intellectual property and information in order to promote agility, innovation and competitive advantage on behalf of the business. Meanwhile IT Security has traditionally focused on reigning in the limits of this technology in a belated compliance-driven game of tug-of-war to apply control over the business. The bad guys innovate farmorerapidly than even the average tech startup; advancing to support their business at the expense of ours. Christofer Hoff, chief architect for Security Innovation at Unisys and former Security 7 winner, and Rich Mogull, Founder of Securosis, L.L.C. and former Gartner analyst, will highlight the emerging face of information security as business, attacker, and defensive innovation clash in a mosh pit of technology, process, strategy, tactics, and survival. Hoff and Mogull will debate the future of information security as they discuss emerging architectures, technologies, and how to predict and harness emerging innovation.