Current And Future Security Issues In Mobile Devices And Networks presented at SOURCE Boston 2008

by Frank Rieger,

Tags: Security Risk Business

Summary : Mobile devices and networks, such as GSM and 3G present a significant risk for the security minded enterprise. Interception of communications, attacks against mobile devices and device theft are becoming more and more common. Learn about todays and tomorrows attack techniques and the necessary defense strategies to protect your data and communications.
The talk will discuss the technology behind todays and tomorrows attacks on mobile phones, communications and networks (mostly GSM and 3G). Special focus will be on the security issues that arise from new technologies like software radio and picocells, the vulnerabilities of mobile devices against software and network attacks and the problems arising from the architecture of todays mobile networks. Realistic insights into the security of todays mobile phone operating systems are provided. The latest trends in interception technology will be discussed to give an up to date perspective on the risks of information loss. Real world cases from various fields of business are used to illustrate the dangers and often overlooked developments that may lead to serious loss of information and confidentiality. Finally, the core strategies that can be used to preempt or minimize the effects of attacks against mobile systems are discussed.