Content Awareness – A Cornerstone To Data Protection presented at SOURCE Boston 2008

by John Amaral,

Tags: Security Access Risk Analysis Business

Summary : The perimeters of a corporate network are expanding. Mobile devices and ubiquitous network access have blurred the network edge. Uninhibited information flow is critical to business continuity; however, as information flows freely across these boundaries, the task of securing that information becomes increasingly difficult. Loss of sensitive information can put an organization at risk of non-compliance, hamper competitive advantage, and bring risk to an organizations brand and reputation.
Traditional asset based security technologies no longer sufficiently address the risks of data loss in modern enterprise networks, because they lack the inherent ability to protect data as it flows freely through an organization. Providing adequate protections requires a content-aware approach to securing critical business information. This approach acts on data based on its unique content and therefore can protect it across a variety of platforms in an IT environment. A truly distributed, content aware data protection solution can assert content-specific policies at the point of data origin or at every other touch point in the network. This kind of solution represents a new class of data protection systems - systems that require broad content analysis and classification capabilities.
In this presentation, the speaker will explore the escalating challenge of protecting a company's digital assets and identifying content awareness as a major cornerstone of data protection.