Detailed Thread Modeling Threat Modeling presented at SOURCE Boston 2008

by Krishna Raja, Nish Bhalla,

Tags: Security Risk Development Botnets

Summary : A traditional threat model is an effective tool for determining the threats that pose a risk to the architectural components of an application. But what if we wish to enumerate the threats that face the developmental components? Detailed Threat Modeling is an approach that speaks to the development staff by examining the underlying object model of an application. In this talk, Nischal Bhalla and Krishna Raja of Security Compass explain how detailed threat modeling works, its benefits, and how it can be implemented by presenting a case study is quickly becoming a popular technique used to assess the security posture of an application's architectural components. But is there a way to perform such an assessment to an application's developmental framework?
Bots -- The Global Infection Rate A review of where botnets and insider threats have come from since 2006 We will review some of the exploited fortune 1000 companies we outed and will out some more.
Rick Wesson
We are loosing big time to internet bandits and this talk will explore how cheap security could detect and deter the rising criminal environment.