Crime & Carelessness: Gaps That Enable The Theft Of Your Most Sensitive Information presented at SecTor 2010

by Ryan Boudreau,

Tags: Security

Summary : "Information is power and money. Our professional lives revolve around building, inventing and working with more valuable information. How we protect and manage this information is core to the success of our economy, organizations, corporations and our personal lives. In this presentation we will explore how a criminal industry now larger than the international drug trade works to steal our information. Targeting areas of operational weakness, these organizations effectively steal more than $600 Billion of information every year. There are best practices to follow and we will discuss ways in which technology, process and education can greatly hinder what will continue to be an active attack on our most valuable resource: information."
Join Ryan Boudreau and learn how Symantec is leading the world in Prioritizing Data Protection.