Black Berry Security Fud Free presented at SecTor 2010

by Adam Meyers,

Tags: Security

Summary : As mobile computing devices proliferate the enterprise more 'security' conscious people are raising flags about mobile device security. One device which is dominant in the enterprise mobile computing world is the ubiquitous Blackberry(TM), which has quite a bit of Fear Uncertainty and Doubt surrounding it and its security controls. Rumors about blackberry compromises and confusion about remote access toolkits for the Blackberry run amuck in many circles. This presentation aims to set the facts straight by going right to the source - literally - in an effort to dispel FUD about the device, we will look to Research In Motion (RIM) documentation, API, and SDK to enumerate the facts and squash the FUD. The presentation will also explore the Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) in several devices to examine the architecture and chip sets, and a disassembled operating system will be examined as well.