Dep In Depth presented at Ruxcon 2010

by Brett Moore,

Tags: Security Data Exfiltration


Summary : An in-depth look into Data Execution Prevention on Windows systems, and how it can be bypassed. Multiple different bypass techniques will be explained in technical detail, covering Windows 2003 through to Windows 7. Examples will cover both stack and heap exploitation scenarios, and will cover DEP opt-in/out/permanent states.

Brett Moore: Having conducted vulnerability assessments, network reviews, and penetration tests for the majority of the large companies in New Zealand, Insomnia founder Brett Moore brings with him over eight years experience in information security. During this time, Brett has also worked with companies such as SUN Microsystems, Skype Limited and Microsoft Corporation by reporting and helping to fix security vulnerabilities in their products. Brett has released numerous whitepapers and technical postings related to security issues and has spoken at security conferences both locally and overseas, including BlackHat, Defcon, Syscan, Kiwicon, Ruxcon, and the invitation only Microsoft internal security conference called BlueHat.