Dnsübernoober – Dns Enumeration On Steroids! presented at Ruxcon 2010

by Jaco Van heerden,

Tags: DNS

URL : http://www.ruxcon.org.au/presentations/#wib

Summary : [DnsÜberNOOBer] – A tongue in the cheek word used by the presenter to point out and express various frustrations while developing a DNS enumeration tool called DNSFootprint. The tool embodies years of research, epic programming failures, and the successes of a pentester that is one glass of red wine away from being certifiably obsessed with enumerating DNS.

The presenter aims to educate the “young ones” and re-educate the “experienced ones” in the dry art of DNS enumeration. DNS enumeration, or DNS footprinting as referred to by some, has a couple of must-have procedures that have been discussed in detail in public forums and past presentations. Yet in many cases the must-have steps are skipped, failed or just plainly ignored.

The presentation will give the audience a good once over of the basics highlighting tried and trusted techniques for DNS enumeration.
Continuing on from the basics the presentation delves into the details of affective targeted DNS enumeration. This includes improved existing techniques and new techniques that enabled the presenter to enumerate through continents of DNS while searching for his cigar cutter.

Jaco Van heerden: Jaco van Heerden is an IT Security Specialist with over 12 years experience in the industry, having held senior roles at various organizations including Nanoteq, SensePost and Dimension Data. Jaco has had in-depth exposure to global organizations in various sectors including: government, military, financial and legal services, telecommunications, education, gaming and wagering, entertainment and healthcare. Jaco is currently an independent consultant providing security consulting and penetration testing services.