Breaking And Breaking Into Microsoft Security Tools presented at BlueHat 2007

by David Maynor (Erratasec ), Robert Graham (Erratasec ),

Tags: Security

Summary : Ever read a story about a remote code execution vulnerability in an AV vendor and think that itís ironic? Ever hear about a virus that removes signatures designed to catch it from an AV vendor and think, ìhow does that workî? Ever see a report that the latest operating systems licensing scheme has been broken, or that a DRM scheme to prevent copying movies or games has succumbed to a hacker's disassemble, and think ìI wonder how they figured that outî?
Security tools are increasingly becoming the target of attackers because they are the most accessible software in an environment and because they are often the first thing malicious code will hit in their ingress attempts into an environment. This session discusses how a hacker will analyze, test, break, and evade these types of security tools. These techniques donít apply to just security tools, but to licensing and DRM protection schemes as well.