Here Be Dragons: Hacking Non-Ip Networks presented at KiwiCon 2007

by Hntr (,

Tags: Security

Summary : Everyone accepts the pervasive nature of the internet, and by extension, IP networks. Much work has been done on securing and hacking such networks and, while there are plenty of misunderstood issues in this field, many of the problems are well-known.
There are networks, however, which we utilise every day which are not IP. Most people are unaware of the existence of some of these networks and the technology which drives them, let alone the security problems inherent in their usage.
This talk will examine three seemingly disparate, yet related technologies from the point of their use in an IP age. We will examine x.25, SCADA, and SAN technologies and possible attacks against them. New days bring new technology and new attacks, yet we continue to use networks that have been around since before the age of the internet and they're prone to the same security vulnerabilities that they always were, and some new ones...