Old School Is Good School: Busting Carrier Ethernet Networks presented at KiwiCon 2007

by Metlstorm ,

Tags: Security

Summary : Ethernet is ubiquitous, the winner of the Layer 2 techonolgy race. And everyone knows it's not designed for security; you get l2 access, you win. And yet, what's that in the wall of your server room? An ethernet connection from your telco - your internet connection, your WAN, your remote access cloud... delivered over ethernet. But don't worry your pretty little head, it's TELCO GRADE ethernet. It's TOOOOTALLY different. The sales rep told you the P in VPN stood for private, remember?
Metro ethernet carrier networks are the transit over which many of our most critical systems run. This presentation will cover the layer two attack techniques, with particular focus on how well they work in modern carrier metro-ethernet access networks. In New Zealand.