Keynote: Media Hackery: How To Manipulate Social And Mainstream Media presented at KiwiCon 2009

by Patrick Gray (The Sydney Morning Herald ),

Tags: Security

Summary : Social media has been hailed as a new force in democracy -- putting the power of information distribution back into the hands of the people. But online, as they say, no one knows you're a dog. Through the use of excruciatingly simple techniques like spoofed e-mail, cross site scripting, custom botnets, black-hat SEO techniques, misleading wiki edits and fake websites, it's been proven that the social and mainstream media are easy to "game".
In this talk you'll learn how to (almost) bring down a government with a single spoofed e-mail, why the erosion of news budgets and the rise of "social media" threatens to rob us of the knowledge of what's really going on, and how Western intelligence agencies tried to topple Indonesia's president Sukarno by making a bad porno featuring a dude in a rubber mask.