Lulz: Webstalking 3.0 presented at KiwiCon 2009

by Alhazred ,

Tags: Security

Summary : Webstalking, we all do it. Maybe you stalk your friends, maybe you stalk your co-workers, or maybe you even do it just to find out the phone number of that cute girl you met that one time outside the local needle exchange, but for whatever reason looking up people on the web has become a normal part of the online social experience. Utilising a bunch of bleeding edge technologies straight outta retro-futuristic 1970s artificial intelligence (including a multiple agent blackboard architecture, probabilistic Bayesian identity resolution and some sweet, sweet utility driven Markov Decision Process tekneek), lulz is a truly "smart" semantically enabled search tool for finding the public data shadow on anybody, then collating, archiving and analysing it. Yeah, it really is that creepy.