A History Of Corruption presented at KiwiCon 2009

by Hawkes ,

Tags: Security

Summary : Ithaca, New York. November 2nd 1988, 6PM.
$ FTP /USERNAME=anonymous /PASSWORD=login prep.ai.mit.edu
220 prep-ai-vax FTP server (Version 4.97 Thu Jul 12 18:59:05 EDT 1987) ready.
FTP> PUT X14481910.EXE
$ RLOGIN /USER_NAME=TOURIST prep.ai.mit.edu
Welcome TOURIST to VAX-11/VMS system prep-ai-vax.
prep-ai-vax% SET DEFAULT $U:[FTP]
prep-ai-vax% X14481910.EXE
With one final keystroke Robert Tappan Morris set off a chain of events leading to his arrest and conviction. This was the Morris Worm.
"A History of Corruption" tells the story of memory courruption vulnerabilities, from Morris in 1988 to Conficker in 2009. This is a story inextricably linked with the lives of the hackers and engineers behind the research. This presentation will go beyond the exploits to show a changing world of conflict and community.