Keynote: The Bitter Tale Of Desktop Security: Our 35-Year War presented at t2 2008

by Ivan Krstic (Harvard University ),

Tags: Security

Summary : It's 2008. About 75% of all corporate machines are infected with at least one piece of malicious code. We're seeing the emergence of weapons-grade botnets, designer trojans, smart mobile malware, and the graduation of the black hat community from what was once a ragtag army of rebels without a cause to a group of well-paid professionals engaging in research-quality work to rake in profits and evade detection. The entrenched players in the security industry have been predictably slow to respond. Now, seemingly bewildered by the new security landscape, they are increasingly finding salvation in restrictive new systems that threaten to transform your computer into little more than a glorified abacus -- while the security model they're still espousing is 35 years old.
There must be a better way: this session will turn to history and explain how we dug ourselves into the present predicament, and then look at Bitfrost, the One Laptop per Child security system, and a host of other promising approaches for lessons on how we might dig ourselves out.