Spying Via Bluetooth presented at t2 2009

by Jarno Niemel‰ (F-Secure),

Tags: Security

Summary : We at F-Secure have from time to time received reports from people who think that their mobile phone is being spied on. And as we thought that mobile phone spying is issue that affects only smart phones we could not offer much help.
However on deeper look it turns out that it is possible to spy on any Bluetooth enabled phone, provided that spy gets his hands on the phone once to set his own phone or laptop as trusted device. Security oriented person can say that you should not ever set any unknown device as trusted, but that does help use whose phone has been taken over without him noticing it.
This presentation gives overview of just what is possible do over Bluetooth once the attacking device is trusted, what spy can do over Bluetooth and what can be done to prevent it.