Homunculus: The Whys And Wherefores Of Tcp With Spoofed Ips presented at Notacon 1

by Lurene ( pusscat ) Grenier, Seth Hinze,

Tags: Security

Summary : Homunculus is a tool which allows for the simulation of large bot nets. This can be used to fool attack detection, or study profiling techniques for large bot net based attacks. In this talk we'll discuss how homunculus is designed, and how it's use can frustrate traditional attempts to detect brute force attacks.
Computers are getting faster, programs more complex. People are programming in much higher level languages, using methods to protect the entire project from a sloppy coder. We even have clippy, who will now let you know when you only need to #include <iostream> instead of #include <iostream.h>.
This makes it easy to lose sight of where it all started, the foundation that computing today is built on.
In this talk, we will forget about all the modern advancements of programming languages dot Net and silicon, APIs and transistors, and look at the bigger picture. Rather than covering the work of the latest and greatest "computer security professionals" of our time, we will look at the work of people such as Alan Turing, Alonzo Church, Kurt Gˆdel, and Stephen Kleene. We will program without touching a computer, and play with languages that aren't used with compilers, linkers, or interpreters.
No previous knowledge of the subject is required, as everything will be presented from the ground up with mathematical rigor. But don't let that scare you off.