Steering An Art Collective presented at Notacon 2

by Christian "RaDMan" Wirth (ACiD ),

Tags: Security

Summary : The creative process is inherently fluid and changing, but the need to produce a "product" on a regular basis is not. Whether working on a website, pushing out a magazine, or even adding to a collection, a regular schedule helps keep your audience. But how do you reconcile that structure with dozens of artists working by their own internal creative clocks?
For years, ACiD productions, an ANSI Art group, pushed out regular "art packs" on BBSes and later the Internet, expanding from text-based art to high-resolution creations and even into music. Running the show was Christian Wirth, aka "RaD Man". As leader of ACiD Productions, he was responsible for ensuring there was artwork available for each upcoming release, quality control, and membership issues. Each of these required skills learned on the way and at what sometimes ended up being intense personal cost. Hear the stories and lessons learned from his 15 years in the artscene, and how you can apply these lessons to your own projects.