Mobile Honeypots: How To Catch A Laptop Thief presented at Notacon 3

by Chris Clymer,

Tags: Security

Summary : Ricing Out Your Linux Box
Mobile Honeypots: How to Catch a Laptop Thief
You bought that shiny new thinkpad, installed Linux on it, set a 20 character login password, a 30 character root password, passworded the S, encrypted your home partition...and none of this matters if someone steals your laptop. What if there was a way to keep the attacker from knowing your sensitive data even existed, watch all of his activities, and hopefully recover your laptop?
Ricing Out Your Linux Box
Lots of us are running Linux workstations these days. But most people have more important things to do than pretty up those boring default desktops. Transparent borderless terminals, gkrellm/fluxbox/KDE theming, desktop applets with adesklets/gdesklets/superkaramba...make your cube-mates green with envy.