Internet Exchanges - Enabling Local Online Communities ? presented at Notacon 3

by Keith Mitchell (UKNOF ),

Tags: Security

Summary : My presentation looks at the history and role of Internet Exchanges (IXPs or NAPs) for improving connectivity within communities of ISPs and others in a metro area. I will examine successful and less successful technical, operational, economic and governance models, with some examples. I then take a look at the role of "peering" in routing traffic across today's Internet backbone in the face of plummeting wholesale IP transit prices.
The highest profile IXPs have traditionally been in major metro centers (e.g. the DC & Bay areas and London), but making them successful in "regional" cities is my experience a more challenging endeavour. What is the optimal geographic distribution and scope of exchanges, and what is the best balance of co-operation, competition and subsidy needed to make IXPs thrive in the metro areas and urban communities they serve ?