Data Loss Protection - Hope Or Hype? presented at Notacon 5

by Enno Rey, Angus Blitter,

Tags: Security

Summary : To lose control over one's own data is one of the primal fears of the digital age. More than ever this applies in particular to the world of corporations and organizations with all their trade secrets and peachy marketing plans to be protected from leaking outside. To prevent such leakage is the promise of salvation of a new set of security tools called \"Data Loss Protection\" or \"Extrusion Prevention\" solutions. All relevant vendors are already offering such pieces (mostly by acquisition of smaller companies specialized in the field).
This talk will discuss why the approach these solutions take will fail in most environments and which pre-requisites must be fulfilled before even thinking about such a piece. We will further discuss on a structural level how individuals and organizations can use the existing tool set of the infosec space to protect their sensitive data.