The Rise Of The Autobots: Into The Underground Of Social Network Bots presented at Notacon 6

by Tom Eston,

Tags: Security

Summary : How do you know that last friend request or Twitter follower was an actual live human being? The truth don't! Bots and bot manufacturers have become rampant in social networks such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter exploiting the trust relationships that make social media work. Why are bots taking control of social networks? It's simple. Social networks are the fastest growing phenomenon of our time. For example, Facebook alone recently reached 150 million potential targets for spammers, malware authors, and other undesirables in 2008. Social networks are only getting bigger and bots will be part of this trend.
This presentation will take you on a journey into the thriving bot underground where bots are manufactured for every purpose imaginable. We will talk about good bots, bad bots, really evil bots, how to identify bots, terminating bots and the future possibility of social network botnets to rule them all.