Is Your Gaming Console Safe?: Embedded Devices, An Antivirus-Free Safe Hideout For Malware presented at CanSecWest 2011

by Dong-joo Ha (AhnLab Inc. ), Ki-chan Ahn (Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Ins),

Tags: Security

Summary : People have false sense of security for Console Gaming systems or Mobile Devices because they are not fully aware that malware can potentially bring the same devastating effects as that of a PC malware. These problems are not only restricted to Gaming consoles or Smartphones but also other various embedded devices. Also, most recent Gaming Consoles contain hardware to connect to the network so an almost ideal environment is provided for malware to survive and perform it's job. In this presentation, we will show how these innocent devices can misbehave and pose a serious threat (in particular Wii, NDS, iPhone, and Andriod), and show a demo of a malware in live action. We will also show some possible defenses to these kind of attacks. A couple demos on defenses and Andriod have been added.