Attacking Microcontroller Environments From A Software Perspective presented at Blackhat Europe 2011

by Don Bailey (iSEC Partners ),

Tags: Security

Summary : Communications technologies are becoming cheaper in today's market, increasing the use of GSM, DECT, NFC, and other protocols in cheap consumer devices. But, as availability increases, does the quality of engineering also increase? And, what systems drive the integrated circuits serving these protocols? Often, the core of simple consumer based technology is one of many types of microcontrollers. These systems drive the application logic, presenting an interface to the user and communicating through a chosen set of mechanisms. But, how do we attack these systems?
The presenter will demonstrate how the growing consumer device market can be attacked through many of the same software exploit strategies available for common platforms today. While these common exploit strategies are useful, they must be tuned toward the platforms and architectures targeted - and often blindly, as there is little or no access to the software. The presenter will present techniques and tools used to compromise these environments and discuss the common architectural intricacies that assist the attacker in achieving their end game.