Building Floodgates: Cutting-Edge Denial Of Service Mitigation presented at Blackhat Europe 2011

by Yuri Gushin (Radware), Alex Behar (Radware),

Tags: Security

Summary : Denial of Service attacks have been polluting internet pipes from the days the internet was born. eCommerce, gaming and any other online businesses depend on uptime to generate revenue, where DoS has the most direct financial impact imaginable.
Furthermore, the surge of businesses using cloud services, billed for bandwidth usage on a pay-per-use basis - exposes any such cloud-based business to potential financial impact from DoS attacks.
This talk will start with an overview of DoS attack types and recent incidents, and then dive into the most advanced Anti-DoS technologies out there, covering the operation, detection, analysis, and mitigation of DoS attacks.
A new open-source HTTP Robot Mitigator will be announced - Roboo - utilizing some of the discussed techniques to fight off HTTP-based robots. This software will be demonstrated against LOIC - Low Orbit Ion Cannon, an open-source DoS application used in the recent Wikileaks attacks.