Workshop: The Mac Exploit Kitchen presented at Blackhat Europe 2011

by Vincenzo Iozzo (zynamics ),

Tags: Security

Summary : Learn Mac vulnerability exploitation from master exploit chef Vincenzo Iozzo, who will cook up several exploits in front of a live conference audience. The master chefs will demonstrate all the stages in the preparation of a gourmet exploit, from how to find and choose the right ingredients (vulnerabilities) to various preparation methods (exploitation techniques) that you may use in your own home kitchen. The recipes demonstrated will include both local privilege escalation and remote browser-based client-side vulnerabilities.
Attendees are invited to 'play along' on their own laptops. All that will be required is a laptop running the latest version of Snow Leopard and IDA Pro. The demonstrations will use IDA Pro 6.0 for Mac OS X, but attendees will also be able to follow along somewhat using IDA Pro 5.0 Freeware in Wine or a Windows VM. No network access will be required and demonstration materials will be available via CD/USB.