Workshop: Extending Maltego With Your Applications, Scripts And Data. presented at Blackhat Europe 2011

by Andrew Macpherson (Paterva ), Roelof ( RT ) Temmingh (Paterva ),

Tags: Security

Summary : The IT security and intelligence community love Maltego – whether it be mapping a target's infrastructure or profiling a person's sphere of influence.
This brief workshop delivers a fantastic introduction to how Maltego can be extended with almost any application,script or data. While Maltego has already been noticed as being on the forefront of open source intelligence this workshop will give you the ability to extend this power to your world.
During the workshop we will give you the knowledge to be able to:
* Extend your Maltego (both the commercial and free versions) to encompass other applications (Every wanted to nmap right after doing a footprint?)
* Scrape websites and be able to harness real-time data (Query any website to get further information)
* Utilise your own scripts to add on additional features (Find out if there is a link between something found on the net and your internal database)
* Sharing these extensions with your team or with the rest of the community