The Mariposa effect presented at Virus Bulletin 2010

by Pedro Bustamante (Panda security),


Summary : "
In March 2010, it was announced that one of the largest botnets ever, called 'Mariposa', had been deactivated and the
criminals running it had been arrested. The Mariposa botnet was discovered in May 2009 by Defence Intelligence. Some time
later, the Mariposa Working Group (MWG) was created. In this talk, two representatives of the MWG, Chris Davis, CEO of
Defence Intelligence, and Pedro Bustamante, Senior Research Advisor at Panda Security, will show how the botnet was
being operated, how its operators were so successful in turning it into one of the biggest botnets ever, and how the
investigation was carried out. Previously undisclosed details about the group behind Mariposa, DDP Team, will be revealed
for the first time in this talk.