Computer security - a social survival skill (sponsor presentation) presented at Virus Bulletin 2011

by Randy Abrams (Eset),

Tags: Security


Summary : From the beginning of civilization certain skills were deemed critical to the survival of the tribe, village, city, or
country. Skills required to feed and clothe people were taught to male and female children as they grew up. More
specialized skills, such as metal working, carpentry, and so on were taught on an as needed basis. In time, skills such
as reading were deemed to be required for all people. As new technologies emerged, such as the automobile, safety
knowledge became a part of our social education. The Internet is a technology that has dramatically increased risk to
society, but we still have not integrated appropriate education into our cultural upbringing. We will only begin to get a
significant handle on the threats the Internet presents when we make computer security a part of our social education.