Cyber attacks: how are Mac OS X and iOS users playing the role? presented at Virus Bulletin 2011

by Methusela cebrian Ferrer (Ithreats),

Tags: Security


Summary : "While a proliferation of cyber attack tools and expertise are widely available for the Windows platform, Apple's closed
and locked down approach continuously rules; it creates a lucrative platform of opportunity and at the same time manages
to tighten the security of its own backyard.
Cybercriminals have made attempts to attack the Mac platform in the past, and recently the cross-platform 'Boonana'
clearly shows that it remains lurking for profitable opportunity. However, a cyber attack is a form of threat that is not
motivated directly by financial gain but rather it is designed for a cause. The attack refers to a deliberate action
against data, software, network or website.
This paper seeks to discuss the latest offensive developments and understand how Mac OS X and iOS users are playing the
role in this emerging type of threats. It will also highlight the notable feature to help us recognize these attacks.
Useful tools and commands used during the investigation will also be discussed."