Me code write good - the l33t skillz of the virus writer presented at Virus Bulletin 2006

by John Canavan (Symantec),

Tags: Security


Summary : "Viruses and worms pose some of the most formidable threats in the modern computer
security landscape. With some virus writers on the bleeding edge of technology, making
use of zero-day exploits and innovative techniques to circumvent system security
features.However, for every Blaster, there's a worm that repeatedly attempts to infect the same
machine. For every 100,000 node botnet Spybot infection there are 20 variants that fail
to get as far as even connecting to an IRC server. For every Netsky, there's an
intended mass-mailer that crashes before it sends a single copy of itself out.From exploitable vulnerabilities in their code to incomprehensible goofs there's no
shortage of evidence that a large proportion of virus writers aren't quite as capable
as they would like others to think. This paper will take a look at the legacy of these
slightly less than expert level virus writers, and examine the threat they continue to