Everything I needed to know about computer security I learned from my dog and a country-western song presented at Virus Bulletin 2006

by Sarah Gordon (Symantec),

Tags: Security

URL : http://www.virusbtn.com/conference/vb2006/abstracts/Gordon.xml

Summary : "So often, after a security conference is over, much of the material is forgotten by delegates. Even with the best
slides and notes, presentations can start to sound the same, and a glance at conference presentations over the past
10 years show that indeed, some of the material has yet to evolve. This presentation seeks to end that cycle by using
humor and personal anecdote to help attendees recognize and remember key security issues. Some of the questions that will be explored include: 'Is there a problem with using two or more anti-virus products?',
'What is the difference between a false positive and a false negative and which one is worse?', 'Should you buy separate
anti-virus and security products?', 'How do you know your anti-virus product is working?'. Attendees will learn to
conceptualize what some of the key technologies are doing, so even if they don't understand it at a technical level,
they will understand basically how it works.Finally, the question 'what does it really take to solve my computer security problem?' is addressed;
while no one will really be surprised with the answer, this unique presentation guarantees they will remember it with
a smile when security budget time next rolls around. "