Rootkits: risks, issues and prevention presented at Virus Bulletin 2006

by Martin Overton (Ibm global services),

Tags: Security


Summary : Rootkits have been around almost since the start of computing, however over the last
two years the threat has changed; no longer is it just a *NIX problem, corporate and
academic computers running Microsoft Windows are now an increasing target. We are now
at a tipping point; rootkits are no longer a minor annoyance or threat, they are
starting to become a major cause for concern.
Many corporate security staff have a rather vague understanding of rootkits, not just
what they are, but how they work. Furthermore many have little understanding of the
risks to their company or their own home computer.This paper will explain what rootkits are and how they work. It will also discuss ways
to combat them using methods that range from simple security methodologies through to
technical solutions.