Panel discussion: Fighting cybercrime: one size does NOT fit all! presented at Virus Bulletin 2006

by the force (Trend Micro),

Tags: Security


Summary : "Join the Internet Strike Force as they divide and conquer the world of crimeware,
looking at alternatives for the individual, for the enterprise, for the vendor and for
the state.Many cybercrime problems are easily defeated by simply raising awareness - yet others
will require special measures, from special software solutions to changes in the
business and technical practices we all take for granted. Learn how worldwide outrage
is leading to international cooperation, and how today's Internet danger is simply a
challenge to help create a better tomorrow.The Internet Strike Force are: Larry Bridwell (iCSA Labs), Jeannette Jarvis (Boeing),
David Perry (Trend Micro), Alex Shipp (MessageLabs) and Righard Zwienenberg (Norman Data
Defense Systems). All are well known industry experts with a long history of public speaking and
discussion of threat analysis, policy creation and computer security at the very
highest level.
The Internet Strike Force wear matching bowling shirts.