Teach your children well presented at Virus Bulletin 2005

by David Harley (Nhs connecting for health/independent researcher),

URL : http://www.virusbtn.com/conference/vb2005/abstracts/DavidHarley_EddyWillems_JudithHarleyCorpThurs0940.xml

Summary : An article by Eddy Willems in the August 2004 edition of VB discussed
his research into the security awareness of Belgian children. The
authors have developed this theme by submitting a similar questionnaire
to ICT pupils in the UK and using the results as a basis for an
interactive presentation and discussion with several groups in the UK,
and an assignment-based follow-up with different groups was undertaken
early in March 2005.
The paper is not intended as a completed formal study, but considers
this presentation and the issues that came up in this preliminary
research as a basis for further study and teaching tools. It also
considers a range of resources in the area of child safety, learning,
attitudes and behaviour as they affect and are affected by the use of
information and communications technology, and the influence of the
media, government, and the Internet itself. While the preliminary
research has largely focused on malware and email abuse, we will also
consider how these areas are connected with other technologies and areas
of concern among parents and educators.