Panelweb Application Security Crossfire: Different Views On Web Application Security presented at Blackhat USA 2004

by Moderator:david Rhoades, Paul E. Proctor, Frank Lam,

Tags: Security Web

Summary : As a result of insecure custom
application code and unpatched web servers, web application security
vulnerabilities are one of the most prolific attack vectors for hacking
into organizations. The threat is very real and the risk lies not only
in known vulnerabilities, but those vulnerabilities yet to be
discovered. For web application attacks, you not only need to concern
yourself with the well-known issues, but the unknown as well. For
eBusiness web sites, these previously unknown vulnerabilities are found
in over 90% of the web sites tested. Web application security is fairly
new and the best practices for combating these threats are just starting
to emerge.