CAMDIER project presented at Virus Bulletin 2003

by Urs Gattiker (Eicar),

Tags: Security


Summary : "CAMDIER project

Cyber Attack Methods Detection & Information Exploitation (CAMDIER) is a pan European project
that focuses on reducing the risks and damages that can and might be caused by malicious code and
attacks. The Consortium represents a public-private [e.g., public is represented during beta
tests through such groups as Cyberworld Aareness and Security Enhancement Structure (CASES)]
initiative. CAMDIER is bringing together people from various disciplines, organizations and
countries within the EU, to move a step forward regarding anti-virus research and defence
To permit effective content checking at ISP and network nodes' levels against malicious code,
while balancing civil liberties requires research efforts that help develop a framework for
classifying and categorizing various types of attacks discovered every month. To avoid any ambiguity and support quick and precise development of AV and intrusion detection
systems (IDSs) a Unified Naming Convention must be developed and maintained.Finally, the above must result in a tool using heuristics and other technologies to automatically
or at least semi-automatically classify and categorize viruses to determine if and how many of
the 1,000 new ones discovered every month are new viral strands or just alterations of old ones,
and if the virus is a minor or serious threat that may cause extensive financial, social and
political damages.
This paper outlines the structure of this project and its partners as well as the
work packages and deliverables that will come out of this pan-European effort. First
preliminary findings will be presented.