AVIEN - what a trip! presented at Virus Bulletin 2002

by Robert Vibert (Avien moderator),

Tags: Security

URL : http://www.virusbtn.com/conference/vb2002/abstracts/avien.xml

Summary : In the past two years, a remarkable change has occurred in the world
of anti-virus management. From an inauspicious start in the fall of
2000, the Anti-Virus Information Exchange Network (AVIEN) has grown to
become a major influence on the use and management of malware defence tools
in organizations of all sizes.

This presentation will examine the history of AVIEN over the past two
years, the influence it has had on the AV industry and user community,
as well as the initiatives it has undertaken.

The impact of the AVIEN-sponsored Code of Conduct for AV professionals
will be discussed as will the evolving role that AVIEN is playing as a
forum for user professionals to exchange ideas, best practices and
insights into the most effective ways to deal with malware.
The integration of AV professionals working for vendors will also be

Finally, the AVIEN efforts to promote a certification program for AV
specialists will be examined.