The four faces of a virus researcher presented at Virus Bulletin 2002

by James m. Wolfe (Lockheed martin corporation),

Tags: Security


Summary : "
For some time there has been a discussion in the AV community as to
who can be considered a virus researcher. Is it the code monkey that
spends countless hours ripping through pages of source code to find
out what a virus is supposed to do? Is it the person in the AV company
R&D lab that develops the updates to AV products to fight the viruses?
Or is it perhaps the person who looks at trends in virus writing and
profiles virus writers to help predict what will happen next? How
about the person sitting in a large corporation who perhaps does all
of the above in an effort to protect their company? (Nah, everybody
knows that corporate types don't know what they want or need, right?)
I propose a talk for VB 2002 discussing four different virus research
individuals to help decide which can rightfully be called `Virus
Researcher'. The four types I will discuss are:
Virus writer profilers
Independent researchers
Anti-Virus Company researcher
Corporate Anti-Virus specialist