So you wanna be a hack superstar presented at KiwiCon 2011

by Antic0de ,

Tags: Security

Summary : "Come and listen as antic0de talks about life in the commercial NZ security testing scene. Take a step up from #2600, and through the beginnings of the local 'pen testing' industry. New Zealand security exports are higher per capita than most of the world, and we have kiwis working in high level security roles in major organisations around the world. Want to hear about APT's, drink with a kiwi. Want to jackpot an ATM, drink with a kiwi. Hear about NGS Hijinx, a kiwi can help you there. How about a tour of Redmond, yup kiwis have even infiltrated that place. And locally we now have a number of security firms looking for talented people to join the industry. Maybe antic0de can rant enough to convince you that it's not all bad, or maybe he will just be hungover and have some slides for you to read."