Follow the money: bling-bling real compton city g bitcoin forensic accounting presented at KiwiCon 2011

by Alhazred ,

Tags: Security

Summary : "Whether it's buying drugs, financing cyber-terrorism or laundering the proceeds of organised crime, the hot hip new cryptocurrency bitcoin has literally dozens of completely legitimate uses. Frequently touted as totally unregulated and anonymous, bitcoin has quickly become the financial pornography du jour of libertarians around the world. But just how anonymous is bitcoin? As every pseudonymous transaction is recorded in a publicly distributed ledger, the interested researcher now now has unprecedented access to the complete transfer history of an entire global e-currency. This presentation will discuss ways in which this information can be leveraged to remove a degree of bitcoin's anonymity, and will include the release of a graphical bitcoin forensic accounting tool (bitten) to aid in quickly tracing the flow of money through the bitcoin network."