Age of the Infocalypse: Drink Everytime Someone Says 'Cyberwar' presented at KiwiCon 2011

by Headhntr ,

Tags: Security

Summary : "Three years ago, I gave a talk called Fear, Uncertainty and the Digital Armageddon on the subject of critical infrastructure compromise. At the time, there was significant worry about the danger that digital sabotage posed to the systems that run our everyday lives. It appears that 'internet threat landscape' has changed considerably since then and that the Internet (and by proxy the world?) is a significantly more dangerous place. Cyberwar, Stuxnet, and APT have become common industry buzzwords. Malware has become prevalent on platforms other than windows, and it seems like every month or so another security company suffers a high profile compromise or data leak. Are we really hurtling towards the Infocalypse? An age where the Internet is mainly a conduit for espionage and organised crime? Or is this simply hype in a industry obsessed with $$$$??? This talk will examine aspects of the security arms race occurring today, one that is both digital and ideological."