CREST-NZ - What you need to know presented at KiwiCon 2011

by Metlstorm , Narc0sis , Bdg ,

Summary : The New Zealand Internet Task Force (NZITF) has recognised that as the global security industry continues its rapid growth, a penetration testing certification is needed to ensure that as new entrants enter the NZ market the current high standard is maintained. The NZITF established a working group in late 2010 to identify a suitable certification model for New Zealand. CREST, The Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers ( clearly stood out as the leading International certification, and the NZITF are now working with the security industry and community to establish CREST-NZ. Come and hear about CREST-NZ, how you can get involved, and how high the bar actually is - CREST is no pay-your-monies-get-your-CEH-style certification.

Metlstorm : Metlstorm is an independent unix hacker from New Zealand, where he milks both sheep and hobbits. In the brief gaps in this bucolic schedule, he finds time to organise Kiwicon - the NZ hacker con, co-host the award-winning weekly infosec podcast and hold down a day job as a whitehat security consultant. In true sellout style, Metl has worked the floor at Blackhat, Defcon, Kiwicon & Ruxcon, achieving minor notoriety at the latter for being the only speaker ever punched out by a member of the audience at the end of his talk. Metlstorm loves bugs that are features, carrier networks and "enterprise" unix software, because we all know that "enterprise" means "the 80s called, they want their long environment variables back".