Scenario Based Hacking in Wi-Fi Enterprise presented at ClubHack 2011

by Vivek Ramachandran,

Tags: Security

Summary : In this talk, we will explore how perfectly legitimate and useful features like the Wi-Fi Hosted Network on Windows 7 can be abused by malware to wreck havoc! We will see how an attacker could create Wi- Fi worms, backdoors and botnets using different techniques and attack Windows 7 clients using WPA2- PSK networks. These malware will use their own private Wi-Fi network to propagate and communicate with the attacker, and each other. We will also look at how to create proxy chains using Wi-Fi clients and how this technique makes it almost impossible to trace back the attacker! Who knows, the next Stuxnet may just use Wi-Fi for propagation over USB
Till date Wi-Fi security and hacking has concentrated on breaking into networks by cracking WEP/WPA or by hacking into the client using Hotspot/ Honeypot attacks. This talks opens up a new dimension for the abuse of Wi-Fi on the latest windows operating systems (Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 and above). We will release tools which will demonstrate how Wi-Fi worms, backdoors and botnets can be written to leverage Wi-Fi in damaging new ways. Due to the nature of Wi-Fi these malware will be more difficult to detect and hence remove.