The Need for Hackers, Hackerspaces and Hacktivism presented at Security B-Sides 2011

by Dave Marcus,

Tags: Security

Summary : Technology is more pervasive than ever before. Digital threats like identity theft, targeted attacks, so-called APTs, malware reach new highs daily. At the same time there are more potential threats to digital/privacy rights and basic human rights than ever before as well. Why is this? Not enough hackers, hackerspaces and Hacktivism. That is why. To be a hacker is to take nothing for granted. It is to take technology or ideas in new directions if only to challenge the assumptions the original answer was based on. Hackerspaces are places that hackers gather to explore these ideas and to take on these challenges. Whether it is a coding problem, a lock to pick, an arduino micro-controller to design and build or any variety of intellectually challenging projects, hackers ask why? and hackerspaces create communities for these questions to take shape in. Likewise, Hacktivism allows citizens to use technology to bring about changes in or awareness to human rights issues globally. Hacktivism is much more than Anonymous and Wikileaks. It is a movement, from the mid 1980s, that can potentially make the world a better place by bringing to light abuses to human rights on a global scale and advocating for and pushing for changes in policy. In todays world with the issues we face globally, it is more important to ask fundamental questions and challenge assumptions than ever before. Hacking, hackerspaces and Hacktivism can play key roles here. This session will hopefully make attendees think and even provoke them a bit.